Engineering through innovation

We are a professional and dedicated company of engineering design specialising in a wide range of enginering services and custom software solutions. Committed to establishing a good relationship with clients across the UK and also abroad. NEDEAS Ltd can provide our clients with deliverables ranging from studies, recommendations, hardware, software, training or test results to turn key project management.

Engineering Solutions

NEDEAS Ltd has designed some hardware equipments, tools, and protoptypes for various applications, custom made for all sectors of activities. NEDEAS Ltd is made of talented and experienced engineers with innovative ideas and large capability to design hardware equiment for customers with demanding requirements.

Software Solutions

NEDEAS Ltd provides a wide range of software designs for all sectors of activities. With a highly skilled team, NEDEAS Ltd can design software to meet our customer's needs. From Visual C++, JAVA, Visual Basics, NEDEAS is equiped for various applications.

Deliverable examples

NEDEAS Ltd has had numerous successes and deliverables since it first started. One of the many deliverables is the management package for containers. The package comprised of a autonomous sensing device, a receiver to track the containers and their location, and a software to map where are all company containers for asset management.

Technical Event Organiser

NEDEAS Ltd has experience in organising small to big events. It has been organising on behalf of various customers workshops, seminars, team boosters, and award ceremonies. The goal is to take the pain of organising our customer events from them, whilst keeping the event cost down.