Engineering through innovation

NEDEAS Ltd (formerly IntelTech Ltd) is a young and dynamic company devoted to all engineering and software solutions. Our values are customer focus, value for money and think outside the box. We have a wide range of activities within our portfolio, being engineering and software solutions, distribution of a vast panel of equipments, provide training solutions, organise technical events. We are mainly aiming at innovate on the Research and Technology area, with a small team of engineers and scientists. Through our network of talented engineers, we aim at supporting all companies to achieve their goals and requirements.

Engineering Solutions

NEDEAS Ltd has to its disposal a small team of talented engineers and a network of engineers to complement the wide range of skills required in developing engineering solutions in the most cost effective manner. Our team and network has been in the fore front of innovation for years, thinking outside the box.

Software Solutions

NEDEAS Ltd has designed numerous software for many applications and sectors of activities. We design software in various platforms in various languages, depending on the customer's application.


NEDEAS Ltd is constantly aiming at opening new servicies.

Technical Event Organiser

NEDEAS Ltd has a talented and organised team specialised in small to big events, supporting our customers with the logistics as well as the event technical content. The typical events that NEDEAS has organised comprise workshops, seminars, team boosters and award ceremonies.